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So, you’ve decided to chat with one of our experts and want to know what to expect. Here at Rockwell, we have a three-stage process with clients. Why not take a closer look:


Stage One: Chat with the Team

The first stage of the process involves a video call with one of our team members — face-to-face meetings are also available if you prefer.

The first question we ask all future clients is: how can we help you? We want to know more about you and what brought you to this stage. During this meeting, we want you to do most of the talking. We want to understand more about you and your financial situation. Some clients come to us with a predefined goal, like increasing their pension, whereas others simply want to shape their finances. The meeting will generally take around 45 minutes to an hour — our aim is to get as clear a picture as possible of what you are looking to accomplish.


Stage Two: The Second Meeting

We will have considered everything we’ve learned from our first meeting, and we will now discuss how we can help you. We will clearly state recommendations and show you how we plan to put them into action.

First, we’ll address your immediate needs, so your initial problem will be tackled quickly.

Two to three months down the road, we’ll meet again to look at what we have achieved thus far and show you the rest of your financial journey.


Stage Three: Rockwellness

When you’re satisfied your initial concerns are taken care of, we will invite you to join our financial planning process ‘Rockwellness’. We will look at your cash flow and accumulation of funds for a fixed time, generally until retirement, and, using our advanced software, you will see a reasonably accurate projection of your financial future.

Additionally, we can model certain outcomes to allow you to plan for your unique future goals. For example, we can give you an estimate of what it is going to cost to educate three kids (whether they go to private school or not, to college or not), what it will cost to live in Ireland at certain stages of life, or if you want to fund X, Y, Z, etc.

We won’t bore you with 50-page documents and spreadsheets.  You will receive a clear and direct 1-page summary of your finances which is then used as the foundation of every future meeting.


At Rockwell, we help you make sound financial decisions based on a solid financial plan. You will have a better relationship with your personal finances and a plan to live your best financial life.

Our dedicated team of expert financial advisors have more than 18 years of experience delivering positive financial results for our clients. We are committed to delivering excellent outcomes, whether you are employed, self-employed or retired.


Do you want to get the ball rolling with an initial consultation and finally get your finances in order? Book a consultation with a member of the Rockwell team to get started today.


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