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The Rockwell Insights Series

Breakfast Briefings with keynote speakers

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On Wednesday 27th September we were delighted to host the first of the Rockwell Insights Series  “Scale up, Sell up and Start up again”  in the RDS, where our own Robert Whelan, MD of Rockwell presented the findings of a recent SME survey, conducted for us by Amarach.

We were joined by inspirational global business leader, David Walsh, co-founder and former CEO of Netwatch, in interview with Tom Lyons, Chief Executive of The Currency, where he shared his story about how he scaled up Netwatch, planned and executed his exit and why he decided to start up again with Halocare.

Download the Amarch Research Findings

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Watch the key takeaways from the event here

Keep an eye on our socials over the coming weeks for details of the next Rockwell Insights Series event