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Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA)

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A PRSA, like a pension, it is a savings product used to save for retirement while benefiting from the same generous tax relief.  Unlike other types of pension a PRSA is quite portable for example you can start a PRSA as a self-employed person and continue the same PRSA if you become a company director or employee.  The options on retirement from a PRSA Are similar to pension except that they don’t allow for a salary and service tax free lump sum option which is available on company pensions.  In general also when compared with other pensions PRSAs are likely to have fewer options when it comes to charges and funds.  Professional advice is therefore recommended before deciding what type of pension/PRSA you should choose.

Who can get a PRSA?

PRSAs are available to a wide range of individuals, but they hold particular value for those without existing pension arrangements. Employers who lack an occupational pension scheme must grant access to at least one Standard PRSA. Additionally, employees ineligible to join a pension scheme within six months of service must be offered access to a PRSA by their employer.

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Power to your Pension

Pensions still offer you the most tax-efficient investment vehicle available in Ireland today. However, it is crucially important that your pension is set-up correctly, with the right investment strategy and in the most efficient manner.

At Rockwell, let us do all the leg-work to make sure your hard-earned pension savings are being optimised.

We aim to simplify the decision-making process for you. We offer a range of investment opportunities that prioritise striking a balance between the level of reward you desire and the amount of risk you are willing to undertake. Our goal is to make investing for your retirement as transparent and easy to comprehend as possible.

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What are the benefits of PRSAs?


Contributions enjoy income tax relief.


Tax-free growth on investments


Upon retirement, a tax-free lump sum of up to 25% of the fund is available

with a limit of €200,000.

How do the new PRSA rules affect SME's?

Understand the new PRSA Rules in Ireland and how they may affect you are a SME.

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Trust is the foundation of all successful financial relationships. You need the confidence that we know what we’re doing, will honour our commitments, and make you – our client – our highest priority.

At Rockwell, you’ll find a dedicated team of expert wealth advisors with experience delivering positive financial results for our clients. We are utterly focussed on helping our clients live their best financial life.

We are over 20 people, managing €78mn+ of client assets, with offices in Dublin City Centre.

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Mary Kelly

I worked with Brian Forde on advise and managing my upcoming pension. I had no knowledge my options, what I could do with my non-contributory company pension. Brian arranged Team meetings to explain the options with back up figures and explained so clearly what I could do to personalise the pension to suit my needs. I felt confident to proceed with a solution worked out with me by Brian.

Padraig O Callaghan

Excellent service, I worked with Brian Forde to setup my company pension and income protection plans. Very fast response and always available to help.

Joseph McMahon

Great experience with Rockwell setting up and subsequently adjusting my pension. Pete was a pleasure to deal with and I found his knowledge and insight very useful.

Sharon Towson

Conor recently gave me advice on my pension. He gave the best advice I have received from any financial advisor I have been involved with. He explained things in layman's terms so it was easy to understand. I really appreciated this and am delighted to give this feedback.

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