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Your health isn’t what it was.

You need to know that full-time care is an option.

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You’re aware that care can be very expensive and you’re worried about running out of money.

You also want to be in a position to leave a lump sum to the charity you’ve supported for many years. We’ll identify what sort of care you may need or want in the future and the potential costs of that care. Our lifestyle planning process will show you the impact on your assets if you do need care.

Our planning will provide clarity and reassurance if you wish to consider gifting assets now. We’ll manage your investments in a way that allows you to access capital should you have unexpected medical costs. We can work with your accountant and solicitor to make sure all of your financial and legal arrangements are in place and as efficient as possible. You can relax, knowing everything’s taken care of.

“Highly competent, experienced and courteous. I trust their judgement, which is obviously based on sound and extensive knowledge and experience.”

Michael, Co.Dublin

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