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Have you just received a large inheritance?

and you don’t want to squander it?

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There’s nothing like an inheritance to ensure you get a call from your friendly bank manager to ‘come in for a chat’.

With so many investment opportunities in the market available to you, decisions can appear daunting

We’ll use cash flow modelling to give you the confidence that you have sufficient capital to provide for your family for the rest of your life. Our lifestyle planning process will help you assess your different options, and the impact of any decisions you make, both now and in the future. We’ll help you balance work demands, future financial security, and time with your family.

We fully understand that family time is precious. We’ll inspire ideas and help you achieve them – from helping your kids get a great education, to helping them buy their first homes. We’ll manage your financial plan on your behalf giving you the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle that is now possible.

“When my husband died suddenly in 2015, Rockwell acted quickly to safeguard the investments, then guided me to a new management plan to suit my unexpected circumstances. The team is always friendly, always reachable and always keen to explain and advise”

Susan, Co.Dublin

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