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Divorce and Separation Financial Planning

Talking about divorce or separation isn’t easy. Proceedings bring with them not only emotional stress but also financial pressure. Whilst it’s very important to understand the financial ramifications of a divorce or separation, it can sometimes be highly confusing and since it carries the possibility of leaving your finances in a mess, we’d like to invite you to talk to us if you’re going through the process.

We can advise on the investment of Pension Adjustment Orders and also we at Rockwell Financial Management are uniquely qualified to help you understand the financial factors involved in a Divorce or Separation. We can’t predict your future but we can give you a clear idea of what it holds and hope this will give you confidence to move on.

Our Process

Rockwell, as your Financial Planner, will help you find the answers to these questions. We will help you visualise the future you want to have after the divorce or separation and help you achieve it. Some of the aspects we can help you think through:


What will my cash flow and expenses look like after the divorce?


What are the short and long term effects of dividing property?


What kind of house will I be able to afford?


Will there be shortfalls that need to be covered by maintenance payments?


What are the different types of assets?


What are the tax issues when negotiating asset splits?


What might retirement look like, and where will I get my income in the future?

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