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Build an investment strategy to match your needs and meet your goals

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Secure your tomorrow, today!

At Rockwell when it comes to investment advice we don’t believe in making it complicated.

And because we have no ties to major institutions or banks, we are firmly in your corner.

Getting to know you and your needs and goals is the first step of our process.

The basics of investing never changes – it’s about risk and reward.

But at Rockwell we work hard to tilt the balance of risk and reward in your favour through appropriate advice and strategic thinking.

We work closely with you to establish your attitude to risk and reward, and based on an assessment and analysis of the information you provide, your Rockwell Wealth Advisor will propose an investment strategy to meet your investment needs and objectives.

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Financial Advice

Your Investment Consultation

Speak to our dedicated team of expert financial advisors with more than 18 years of experience delivering positive financial results for our clients. We provide actionable advice tailored to your unique financial situation and financial goals.

Understanding your Investment Opportunities

We help guide you in choosing investments suitable for you, designed to meet your goals. We identify world-class investment managers across a range of assets including equities, bonds, sustainable and ethical investments, alternative investments, private equity and property.

About Rockwell

Trust is the foundation of all successful financial relationships. Our focus is on helping our clients achieve their financial goals, and we are committed to providing personalised investment strategies tailored to their unique needs. With Rockwell, you can have confidence that we will honour our commitments and make you, our client, our highest priority, ensuring that you can live your best financial life.

We are over 20 people, managing €78mn+ of client assets, with offices in Dublin City Centre.

  • 2000 personal and corporate clients
  • €78M+ in Client Funds
  • 18 Years Experience
  • 5644 Individual Investments
  • Access to 37 different providers for Pensions, Investments & Insurance
  • Supporters Debra Ireland, RCH Crumlin, Alone & the DRCC
Book a Complimentary Investment Consultation

5 Star Google Reviews

Catherine Cotter

Wonderful experience working with Keith from Rockwell. I'm a novice to financials and investment, but Keith took the time to explain everything in detail - but in a way that was easily understood. Would absolutely recommend Rockwell for any & all financial needs.

Harry Guinane

Thank you, Brian Forde, for being such an approachable financial advisor! You were understanding, compassionate, kind and helpful to my situation. Thank you for rescheduling the meeting to accommodate my request. I really appreciate you taking the time to help and better understand my unique situation and for getting the ball rolling in achieving financial security and a retirement plan for me. Much appreciated!

Reuben Kamukwede

I was extremely satisfied with the service and advice I received from Myra O'Neill, much appreciated.


Brian Forde at Rockwell Financial was hugely helpful to me and my wife. He explains things in a very simple and straightforward way. At the first initial meeting we had enough information to make decisions on the next steps forward.
Brian has a great personality, is very friendly and enthusiastic and has been a pleasure to deal with and we look forward to working with him on the next steps in the coming months.

Dan Gurney

Pete McKavanagh has been my financial advisor for about a year now. He is friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and happy to answer any questions, including the tough ones! He has a great handle on what is happening across worldwide financial markets and I feel like I'm in good hands.

Dannielle Taaffe

Keith Hughes at Rockwell Financial Management has been advising me on income protection, pensions and investments. He is approachable, patient, friendly and knowledgeable. Finance can be a big complex topic for many, but Keith explains the ins and outs of financial products, markets, tactics and approaches, so you feel in control. Keith takes the time to hone in on your financial needs, risk appetite and professional & personal ambitions so you come away from meetings with him more confident and assured.